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Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Hello Sunshine Coasters, You may have noticed we offer a Virus Removal service for $60. This blog will run you through the behind the scene steps we take in purging your Laptop or Desktop of hazardous files. Firstly, we'll quickly explain the terminology to get you up to speed, here are the three main types of computer virus's.

Trojan Virus

Description: Better known as a Trojan Horse, is the most common form of virus. Trojans are usually hidden or bound to an existing program that are easily downloadable on the Internet.

Trojan Horse's once installed, have the ability to download even more Virus's as well as being notorious for damaging existing Windows files making them impossible to remove with out the right tools. They even have the potential of causing Windows start up errors, disabling the user from even launching Windows.

Trojans are usually found on misleading Google Searches and Torrent sites, they can be activated by clicking on Adverts or installing programs. Most Trojans will come in the form of a fake Anti Virus that will ask you to pay money in order for it to be removed.

Remote Administation Tool or RAT


Once infected by a Remote Administration Tool, the designer of the RAT is then able to remotely control majority of your computer. Allowing them to search for personal files, remotely control your screen and even extract saved passwords that are embedded in your computer. RAT's can also access your webcam. They rely purely on an internet connection to be functionally harmful.

Botnet Virus

Description: Botnet Virus's are the most harmful of all Virus's. Botnet Virus's start by scanning for Computers that are connected to the internet, once it finds a computer with an open exploit, it will then infect it and begin to scan for more vulnerable computers. Essentially, your computer becomes a powerful tool for the hacker and allows them to use your computers processing power and internet connection to do more damage.

Once your computer has been infected, the end user could harvest your personal information from stored passwords on Google or Internet Edge. Botnets are relentless in nature and will copy themselves onto any USB drive plugged in or even scan other computers on your network and infect them. These particular virus's require a firewall to block incoming scans

Please note: Bot Network virus's are usually fully undetectable. If you notice your computer is running slower than usual with out change, you should have it looked by a professional immediately.

We are trying not to scare you, but this is just the tip of how potentially harmful they can be. Removing a strong virus takes more than just a scan from your favourite anti-virus. That's why we have come up with a 100% proven method for detecting and purging virus's from your machine.

With out giving away our methods to our competitors, we will briefly explain how we work on your Computer. Firstly, we start by accessing what services are currently active on your machine. Most of the time, the Virus will disguise its self as another Windows service. We then run a tool that checks for modifications that programs have made to your system. Usually the virus needs to apply changes to your existing files in order to run, thats where we will find them. The next step is to check your computers "Hosts" files for any entries that a Virus may have made. Once we have diagnosed the infection, we will begin to strip the permissions of the virus by disabling it from starting when Windows is launched. We then restart your computer and launch our own custom version of Windows. This puts the virus in a foreign environment, where it is completely inactive. Allowing us to detect and remove any trace of the Virus. We then restart Windows and login to your computer normally. Once your computer has reconnected to the internet, we begin to "sniff" all outgoing and incoming packets that are sent or received by your computer, looking for traces of the Virus attempting to restore its self. We then apply our fully Licensed software to your machine. The benefits of this particular anti-virus are endless. In particular, its ability to powerfully protect your computer with out hogging vital resources your it needs to run normally. We hope you have gained some knowledge of how Virus's work and the steps we take to remove them. We enjoy the challenge of purging your computer and so far, we haven't found a Virus that we cannot remove. If you need help, do not hesitate to give us a call. We offer a flat rate of $60. This is a drop in service. You can make a booking here or call us on 04555 811 72. Thanks for reading!

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